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PR And Social Media Advice For Startups: Think Small To Get Big

PR And Social Media Advice For Startups: Think Small To Get Big David Murdico
I know this may be an unpopular reality, but very few startups go from zero to TechCrunch in 30 days.

I know your new idea is going to change the world but top blogs and publications want to see signs that the world is actually changing before they take notice.

The way to do that is to start small. Small blogs, small magazines, small radio and TV stations, small social media steps, reaching out to influencers, gaining support, growing strong.

This approach leads to less wasted effort, less disappointment and building a steady social media following.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t swing for the fences along the way, but you have to have a willingness to take baby steps that add up to a marathon.

Look for opportunities to associate yourself with people and brands that are bigger than you, and make them the center of the story. I know... you want to be the star. But start small and ride their coattails until it’s time to jump off and run ahead of them.


You don’t necessarily need a 20 episode web series that requires 2 months of planning. Look for an online video agency that can create a variety of social media video content like short virals, founder interviews, creative Instagram and Vine videos, short animations, or personalized greetings.


Start sharing content that educates, informs, inspires or entertains people. Even if you’re doing B2B marketing, you’re still connecting with people. What do the people you’re selling to care about? Talk about that. Don’t over think it. Just write up a bunch of Tweets and share them. Simple.

Just be sure to check in often to see if anyone cares to chat. Don’t leave anyone hanging.


Stop sending out blasts to hundreds of media outlets and journalists. It’s time consuming, desperate and ineffective. PR pitches need to be tailored to each outlet and writer. Pick a handful of top choices and hit them up with personalized messages. Look for an agency that understands this. Anyone can make a huge media list. What you do with it determines success.


Give away something small and silly on Twitter. Every contest doesn’t have to be a Facebook extravaganza. Just do a lot of them.

Baby steps... and In no time you’ll be noteworthy, marketable and on your way!

David Murdico is the Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner at Supercool Creative Agency - video & content production, social media marketing, PR and consulting for some of the cooest brands and businesses on the planet. Connect with...

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