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To the entrepreneurs: Take your idea to the world

To the entrepreneurs: Take your idea to the world Ritesh Bisoi
The mind of an entrepreneur focuses on changing the game and taking risks to create opportunities. What is it that ignites the spark required to create opportunities from nothing, and to drive change?

When Virgin CEO Richard Branson was asked what it was like to be labelled as a true entrepreneur of our generation, he said that back when they first started, they were seen as adventurers who were looking to create chaos in a world where there was perfect order.

"People used to give us strange looks," he said.

But now this has become the norm, and almost a pre-requisite for new age start-ups.

Passion and love for what you do

Perhaps one of the greatest innovators of our time, Steve Jobs said it perfectly: ‘Those who dream big, are the ones that put a dent in the universe. It is passion that fuels the rocket, but our vision that moves it from one place to the other…’

I have always seen this as a sound way to conduct business, and think it’s relevant to how we expend energy in our personal lives too. When the fuel is missing, it’s time to move on.

Whenever my vision becomes cloudy, I always go back to this simple idea of looking at the big picture on the horizon. If there is enough passion or drive left, I know I will be able to fuel that rocketship and direct it where I want it to go.

Make innovation a habit

Over the years, I have learned that passion alone isn’t enough. We need to adapt with the changing world and continue to make positive changes, so that it naturally becomes part of you. Launching a new business is not enough - you must look to keep innovating to stay ahead.

Build the talent pool to drive cultural change

On a recent business trip, I was struck by a theme that was prevalent with every new person I met…there was this essential need to ‘connect the dots’, whether it was between clients’ projects, between their different business units, or their different project teams.

There was a trend that highlighted the common purpose of being better-connected and creating a collaborative environment, which was something that everyone was missing.

Unfortunately this is also the step that often gets missed when entrepreneurs take their idea to the world. It is simply an idea. You need to have this big picture view – or common purpose. The most important component in turning an idea into a business starts with inspiring the people and the talent.

This entrepreneurial nature is ingrained in our younger generations. They have that hunger to drive change and bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. They look at the world in a new way and have that spark. It is through this passion and the desire for change, that the wheel starts turning.

A great entrepreneur can change the way we interact with our world. But without creating this collective voice, there is only an idea. Going back to what Jobs said, imagine how you could turn your little rocketship into a spaceship, which is fuelled by the collective passion of a team working towards a common purpose.

Surely, you would be able to reach places which you had not seen before or thought possible.

Ritesh Bisoi is part of the client development team at Infotools, and is passionate about enhancing the value clients get out of their marketing data. He has led innovation projects for global Infotools clients across multiple markets and, more...

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