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Top 12 tweets and pics from the iMedia Agency Summit

Lizzie Serber
Top 12 tweets and pics from the iMedia Agency Summit Lizzie Serber
Author and industry luminary Phil Simon summed up this week's iMedia Agency Summit as "a first-rate conference in a great location rife with smart cookies." With over 300 "smart cookies" at the event at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa, it's no surprise that the tweets and photos coming out of the event are packed with great insights, fresh ideas, snake sightings, and... a freshly shaved alpaca.

Top 12 tweets and pics:

1. @lindsay_london - A new term has been coined by Lin Digital. We're not marketers, we're marketeers. It does make my job sound more adventurous. #iMediaSummit

2. @davidstaas - Aaron Fetters #imediasummit  "data: a sharper tool but so much easier to hurt yourself" great comment. Use it wisely. @fettersac

3. @joshokun - Lazy river, home of seven figure deals and great piña coladas. #imediasummit Hyatt Lost Pines Resort

4. @marakschneider - The Consumer Journey is not about the purchase cycle, it's about a long term relationship with a brand #iMediaSummit

5. @AnalyticLeanne - Using facial recognition technology to understand brand engagement.  Imagine the possibilities.  Is it too obtrusive? #imediasummit

6. @aimeereker - In the age of context marketing, we have to practice branding in a (more) trustworthy fashion @shelisrael #imediasummit

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7. @tylertanaka - Alan @Digschulman from @sapientnitro said it perfectly "Why are we so seduced by the automation of everything?" #imediasummit

8. @tracyzbroderick - Agree w/ @pcrofutPDX - nothing worse than seeing poor creative in a terrific media placement. Foster creative/media collab #iMediaSummit

9. @mjkonowicz - "We need to do a better job of respecting customers that say they already bought something or aren't interested in buying it." #imediasummit

10. @shenan - "Does it pass the toothbrush test?" Do you use it twice a day? How to know if you are being relevant! Learned at #imediasummit

11. @JamieElden - Huge thanks to @iMediaTweet for the excellent programming at #iMediaSummit, I hope to see you all at the after party tonight!

12. @mikepratt - Mesmerized and inspired at the same time by @natgeo head photog Annie Griffiths. Wow. What a talent/spirit/person #imediasummit

Congratulations to those featured - we can't wait to see you at another iMedia Summit soon! View our calendar here: http://www.imediaconnection.com/summits/

Lizzie Serber


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