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4 Ways to Build Genuine Connections With Your Social Media Audience

4 Ways to Build Genuine Connections With Your Social Media Audience iMedia Editors

Social media accounts for companies are ubiquitous these days. It's a given that your favorite restaurant, retailer, or service provider will have an official social media account. However, your organization can stand out in the sea of branded social media accounts by building meaningful relationships with your audience. You can do so by adopting a conversational tone online, creating effective calls to action, and following up with your social media contacts within a reasonable time frame. Here are the details on these four strategies to test out while building stronger connections with your digital audiences.

Ditch the Sales Jargon

Your prospective clients know where to go to find your product catalogs and deals. They often look to social media to provide them with very different types of material. Rather than rehashing the same exact information from your website or store, why not take the opportunity to have conversations instead? Look for users who are a part of your target demographics and connect with them. For example, a home automation company might seek out users hoping to find ways to control their appliances from their smartphones. Use short interest keywords to discover these prospective contacts and post information that can enrich their lives.

Enter Conversations Naturally

Branded accounts must be careful not to force their way into unrelated social media conversations, since this can appear disingenuous. Instead of crashing parties, keep an eye out for users who are already asking questions about your products or services. The Social Mention tool can be a great way to track down and receive notifications when users post about your brand or topics related to your products. This real-time social media search engine can help you respond to every mention in a timely manner. You can even set up custom alerts, so that you receive email notifications whenever relevant mentions appear in the search index. Alerts do the digging for you, so that you don't have to waste time scouring the Internet for branded mentions.

Craft a Call To Action

Do you want to increase your engagement rates? Well first, you'll need to offer some kind of incentive to audience members who participate. These incentives might include special discount codes, online perks, free PDFs, or other tokens of appreciation. Explain how your followers can earn these perks by taking action now - whether it's purchasing a certain amount of product or sharing a post via Twitter. Your requests should be direct and easy to follow. Make sure that your incentive delivery system is foolproof, otherwise you might upset followers who have bought into your Call to Action.

Follow Up

Let's say your company strikes up a conversation with a curious prospective buyer and answers a question regarding a service. Treat these customer interactions with the same diligence that you would commit to an in-store or phone interaction. Follow up with the contact within a reasonable amount of time to see how their experience is going and check to see if they need further assistance. If they don't have any immediate needs, thank them and invite them to learn more about your brand at your official website. Persistence is key when it comes to succeeding at customer follow-ups.

Are you ready to build stronger relationships with your organization's social media followers? Start by identifying prospective conversations to join by scouring the web for mentions of your product along with your customers' needs. Next, hone your Call to Action by offering incentives that are relevant to your followers' needs. Finally, follow up with your connections after a conversation, so that you can pave the way for future conversations.

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Commenter: Chris Clayton

2016, May 04

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