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Case study: How Upper Deck learned to "think different"

Lizzie Serber
Case study: How Upper Deck learned to "think different" Lizzie Serber
How can you leverage the power of your brand to improve lives? How does giving back benefit a company's bottom line? During a poignant case study at the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, CA, Chris Carlin, senior marketing and social media manager at The Upper Deck Company, shared his firsthand story of how the company underwent a paradigm shift in marketing because of iMedia.

The touching story is encapsulated best in this video, produced by iMedia's David Zaleski:


The most difficult part about this campaign (and similar campaigns launched by The Upper Deck) was selling it into the executive team, as it didn't immediately drive the bottom line. Carlin's advice to those looking to implement similar programs in their own organizations: "Show them the dirty. Instead of deleting and ignoring the negative comments, organize them and use them," said Carlin. When the business owners wanted to make customers feel good about the brand, the #TeamJack campaign became easy to sell. The results may not be billions of dollars rolling in, but Carlin saw a major shift in brand perception, which creates sustained loyalty for The Upper Deck. Demonstrating his point, Carlin shared the following sentiment from a Twitter follower: "While other card companies have to buy loyalty, The Upper Deck earned mine."

"Leader holding red umbrella for show different think with blue sky" image via Shutterstock.
Lizzie Serber


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