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em michelle phan wins big by breaking omni-channel rules

Lizzie Serber
em michelle phan wins big by breaking omni-channel rules Lizzie Serber
At the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, CA, L’Oreal and Tag Creative took the stage to deliver a case study about em michelle phan, a revolutionary new line from the iconic cosmetics giant.

The em michelle phan brand story is one of innovation, experimentation, and collaboration. L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, partnered with Tag Creative to launch the truly modern e-commerce line born out of millennial shopping habits and preferences. “em michelle phan is breaking all of the rules of omni-channel by going digital only, which is not without its challenges,” said Julia Mavrodin, director of digital marketing for em michelle phan, a L'Oreal Luxe division.

Leveraging their powerful existing partnership with Tag Creative, L’Oreal was able to break away from traditional marketing models to create content that is truly tailored to its audience: ethnically-diverse, tech-savvy trendsetters who embrace new and emerging technology and welcome the opportunity to actively engage with the brand. All of the images on the em michelle phan site are currently shoppable, and the brand is looking forward to introducing shoppable video soon.

“This is a beta test for L’Oreal, but leveraging owned media, events, and strategic partnerships, we’ve seen great results,” said Terry Rieser, partner and COO at Tag Creative. By engaging Youtube sensation Michelle Phan as a co-branding partner, L’Oreal was able to build upon an strong, engaged fanbase and leveraged learnings about their key consumers organically, rather than chasing after an audience. em michelle phan has over 240,000 followers on Instagram, over 23,000 followers on Twitter, and over 10,500,000 views on Youtube – proof that L’Oreal has nailed it by crafting the brand around its core consumer's behavior.

"Makeup brush and cosmetics" image via Shutterstock.
Lizzie Serber


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