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Report: Tourism DMOs - A Social Media Analysis

Report: Tourism DMOs - A Social Media Analysis Doug Schumacher
Zuum report on tourism DMO social media analysis

The travel and tourism industry may not have the enormous social media communities that large global brands pften attain, but with messages highlighting the beauty and excitement of the best each destination has to offer, they do a good job of driving engagement.

In this report, we take a look at 9 state tourism accounts, exploring their social media activities for the month of August.

  • Facebook’s the dominant network -- 67% of total community size. Brands generate most engagement there, too.

  • Only one brand has a social network community larger than their Facebook page: Texas Tourism’s Pinterest.

  • Instagram shows signs of good opportunity. Several brands get high Instagram engagement totals, despite relatively small followers.

  • Instagram engagement rate is 15x higher than Facebook’s for this industry. Brands should work to build audiences on Instagram.

  • Top performing DMO is “Go Hawaii”, which is generating more than 3x the total engagements of the next most engaging DMO.

  • While most brands are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, few campaigns extend across all three networks. It’s a missed opportunity for several brands not extending their campaigns to Instagram.

To view or download the report, click the image, or here.

Doug Schumacher is the co-founder of social media content strategy tool Zuum. Zuum reveals a number of key insights into what type of social media content will generate maximum impact for a given industry. His interactive career began in 1996...

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