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3 Tips To Create Impactful Content For Your Social Media Followers

3 Tips To Create Impactful Content For Your Social Media Followers Ian McGrath
The number one mistake among marketers today is to not have a social media strategy in place. More often than not, social networks like Twitter and Facebook are used to link out to the main pages of your website over and over again.

This has disastrous consequences – not only do you not engage your followers, but the diminishing returns (in terms of the number of people who would want to click and visit the website from their Facebook or Twitter page) would reduce. A study of Facebook's newsfeed algorithm has shown that increasing levels of engagement among followers has an impact on the organic reach of your posts. What this means is that if you continue to post uninteresting links to your website, your organic reach will drop sharpy over time.

The trick is thus in creating impactful, unique content that users have an incentive to engage with. Here are five tips to help you achieve this objective.

Content What Users Want, Not What You Want : This is marketing 101. Yet, when it comes to social media marketing, businesses often forget that your campaign must be of interest to your customers and prospects, not to yourself. An example to this is how a US-based international money transfer company recently connected with its customers using the ongoing Cricket world cup although this game is hardly popular in the US. If your customers come from across the globe, your campaigns must touch upon the global trends too, not just what is popular locally.

Integrate Your Social Channels : Many times, marketers operate their various social media channels in silos – Facebook followers never get to see what's happening on Twitter and vice versa. This is a non-optimal use of your social media channels and also prevents you from leveraging your strength in one social network and using it to grow to another. A better way to create higher engagement is by setting up photo and video channels on websites like Pinterest and YouTube and cross-promoting them via Facebook or Twitter.

This creates an incentive for your users to hop from one network to another and thus build greater engagement on each of these different social networks.

Integrate Email Strategy With Social Media : In the world of internet marketing, nothing has withstood the test of time as much as email. Forty four years since it was invented, email continues to be among the most preferred ways to communicate and market. One of the best ways to enhance follower engagement is by using email marketing to drive your social engagement. Created a new 'how to' video for your product? The best way to promote this would be to upload the video on YouTube, promote it on Facebook and link out this Facebook post to your email followers. This helps drive the engagement on your social network while increasing the views on YouTube as well. The result is much thorough social media engagement overall.

There are dozens of different ways to drive engagement on social networks. The basic premise to success however lies in just two things : Create content that the users want, and promote them in a way so that it reaches out to each one of your followers.

Ian McGrath is a consulting professional with over 10 years of experience in product marketing. He has spent considerable time in consulting businesses in Australia, India and Canada. He is currently working on an assignment in Bangalore, India.

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