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iMedia at Ad Week: Tim Armstrong and the IAB join forces to bring diversity to the industry

Jennifer Marlo
iMedia at Ad Week: Tim Armstrong and the IAB join forces to bring diversity to the industry Jennifer Marlo
There’s been a lot of buzz about diversifying the workforce as of late. Smart folks that specialize in recruiting and training talent are looking for employees that come from different walks of life and can infuse new ideas and creativity into their respective companies. More HR titles like "Chief Diversity Officer" are popping up as organizations have come to embrace the notion that a string workforce is a diverse one.  In fact – shameless plug here – you can see Sandra Sims-Williams, Chief Diversity Officer, Publicis Groupe speak on this very subject at the iMedia Agency Summit in December.

Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL emphasized the need for this corporate cultural shift when he spoke at the IAB MIXX this past week. "We need to disrupt," said Armstrong. "If you’re going to change the business, you’re going to have to change everything." This includes comp systems, goals, and talent.

To support these changes, IAB's President and CEO, Randall Rothenberg announced the launch of a new non-profit called "The Education Foundation," which is devoted to the improvement of the talent pool and will be headed up by Tim Armstrong. “The organization will bring training and new employment opportunities to under served constituents,” said Rothenberg, "racial, ethnic, gender, really about women as well, economic diversity."
Jennifer Marlo

Jennifer received her BFA from UC Santa Barbara and MFA from CALARTS in 2006. Post graduation, Jennifer segued into freelance writing, focusing on various topics such as arts, entertainment, travel, and tourism. Jennifer is a native Los Angelean...

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