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16 surprising predictions for 2013 (page 16 of 16)

16 surprising predictions for 2013 (page 16 of 16) iMedia Editors

Billy Port, Acquisio: 2013 is the year of consolidation and easier technology

Billy Port, Sales Executive, Acquisio says 2013 will bring a lot of consolidation, for example with Facebook clones. He also says the focus will be on keeping profit margins wide and stress levels low.

Billy Port is Sales Executive for Acquisio, the leading performance media platform for agencies. Acquisio helps agency marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, retarget, and report on media across all channels including search, display, and social media.

Check back soon for our full interview with Billy.

"Futuristic young woman" image and "Tunnel of steel" image via Shutterstock.

Tara Walpert Levy, Google: 2013 is the year we get mobile and attribution right

Tara Walpert Levy, managing director of global ads marketing at Google, says 2013 will be the year when advertisers catch up with consumers in the mobile space, put digital at the heart of their campaigns, and make strides in attribution so they better understand how online behavior drives offline sales.

Tara Walpert Levy brings 16 years of experience to Google, where she leads large advertiser and agency marketing. In this role, she is responsible for the company's communications and market development for major clients and partners.

Check back soon for our full interview with Tara.

Alfredo Gangotena, MasterCard: 2013 = tightened budgets and new global markets

Alfredo Gangotena, Global Chief Marketing Officer of MasterCard, says 2013 is the year of tightened seat belts. He says we'll see consolidation in the US economy, shifts in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the emergence of new advertising opportunities in Africa.

Alfredo Gangotena is chief marketing officer of MasterCard Worldwide, with global responsibility for the company's advertising, sponsorships, promotions, research, insights and digital marketing initiatives.

Check back soon for our full interview with Alfredo.

Antonio Rodriguez, Matrix Partners: in 2013 Facebook will become a meaningful at-scale platform

Antonio Rodriguez, General Partner at Matrix Partners, says in 2013 Facebook will mature, and we'll see mobile displace the way people interact with each other, their data, and their favorite retail companies

Mr. Antonio Rodriguez is a General Partner at Matrix Partners. At the firm, he focuses on Consumer Internet, mobile, software, Internet infrastructure.

Check back soon for our full interview with Antonio.

Jeff Crowe, Norwest Venture Partners: in 2013 video is going to explode

Jeff Crowe joined Norwest Venture Partners in 2004 and focuses on investments in software, Internet, and consumer arenas. He currently serves on the boards of AdMeld, deCarta, Kudzu Interactive, Lending Club, Nano-Tex, Turn and Whale Shark Media, and he is involved with portfolio companies myYearbook and Sojern.

Check back soon for our full interview with Jeff.

Dave Morgan, Simulmedia: 2013 will be the year of shrinking budgets

Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, says in 2013 we won't have the advertising dollars from the election and olympics so we'll see a major drop in spend. But he says the agencies that make it through will be stronger.

Dave Morgan is the CEO and founder of Simulmedia.  He previously founded and ran both TACODA, Inc., an online advertising company that pioneered behavioral online marketing and was acquired by AOL in 2007 for $275 million, and Real Media, Inc., one of the world's first ad serving and online ad network companies and a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media (TFSM), which was later sold to WPP for $649 million.

Check back soon for our full interview with Dave.

Lucy Jacobs, Spruce Media: 2013 is the year of better Facebook advertising monetization

Lucy Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer at Spruce Media says advertisers are seeing great initial results from Facebook's mobile launch, and that 2013 will bring an increased rate of monetization and more opportunities for advertisers.

Lucy Jacobs is Chief Operating Officer of Spruce Media based in San Francisco. Spruce Media is a rapidly growing leader in Facebook advertising that specializes in performance based user acquisition.

Check back soon for our full interview with Lucy.

Kim Kyaw, Jaguar Land Rover: 2013 = better targeting for in-market consumers

Kim Kyaw, Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager for Jaguar Land Rover says the new year will bring more maturity in mobile and rich ads, and the ability to better target in-market and niche consumers.

Kim Kyaw is Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager for Jaguar Land Rover North America.  She is responsible for the company’s digital communications including creative, media, social media, website, mobile and email.

Check back soon for our full interview with Kim.

John Nardone, [x+1]: 2013 is the year of programmatic marketing 

John Nardone, CEO at [x+1], says 2013 will be the year programmatic marketing takes off like a rocketship.

John Nardone is the Chairman and CEO of [x+1]. A globally-respected marketing innovator, John Nardone is sought out by many of the world´s most prestigious brands for his insights into creating brand relevance.

Check back soon for our full interview with John.

Sacha Xavier, [email protected]: 2013 is the year of better engagement

Sacha Xavier, Partner and Media Director at [email protected], says it's not just about the tools we use to connect with consumers, it's about how we use them.

Prior to [email protected], Sacha served as Group Media Director for AA|RF, working on accounts such as Verizon, Astra Zeneca, Polo Ralph Lauren and Starwood Hotels.

Check back soon for our full interview with Sacha.

Terence Kawaja, LUMA Partners: In 2013 agencies will consolidate

Terence Kawaja, founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, says with the election and the olympics behind us, advertising dollars will be harder to come by. Expect to see weaker players thinned out, while stronger agencies consolidate to be stronger. 

Terence Kawaja is Founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, a strategic advisory firm focused at the intersection of media and technology. He is a seasoned investment banker with more than 20 years of experience and has advised on over $300 billion of transactions, including some of the most pivotal deals in the media and tech industries.

Check back soon for our full interview with Terence.

Nick Bandy, Engauge: in 2013 mobile "really happens"

Nick Bandy CEO of Engauge says 2013 will be the year advertisers take better advantage of mobile in their campaigns.

Nick Bandy is the CEO of Engauge, a full-service marketing agency for the digital and social age. He leads the agency on its core mission of leveraging creativity and technology to engage customers and build client brands.

Check back soon for our full interview with Nick.

Julie Marchant-Houle, Revlon: 2013 is the year of brand repositioning

Julie Marchant-Houle, VP of marketing and global portfolio leader for Revlon, says 2013 is the year of change and brand repositioning.

Julie Marchant-Houle is the VP, Marketing and Global Portfolio Leader for Revlon where she is responsible for the Almay brand franchise globally, including brand equity, portfolio plan development and marketing asset development.

Check back soon for our full interview with Julie.

Ian Wolfman, MEplusYOU: 2013 is the year of purpose

Ian Wolfman, CMO of MEplusYOU, says in 2013 brands will spend dollars for social good to earn the trust of customers.

A pioneering, inspiring, strategic advisor, Ian Wolfman is well-known throughout the industry as a leader who ignites innovative marketing initiatives across many of the world’s most accomplished brands. As chief marketing officer for MEplusYOU, Ian leads the marketing, public relations and business development functions.

Check back soon for our full interview with Ian.

Alison Koplar, Refinery29, Inc.: 2013 is the year publishers develop deeper mobile strategies

Alison Koplar, VP, Sales and Corporate Development at Refinery29, Inc. says in 2013 publishers will work to align their mobile strategy with their company's core DNA.

Alison Koplar is a veteran of the digital fashion world as she’s worked for Liz Claiborne, InStyle, The Knot Inc., and as the Digital Sales Director at ELLE, where she spearheaded some of the fashion industry’s first integrated marketing campaigns and oversaw a 400% increase in revenue during her tenure.

Check back soon for our full interview with Alison.


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