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AOL's Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller has the toughest job in the Internet space -- running AOL.

When Miller was named AOL's chairman and chief executive officer in 2002, Time Warner chairman Richard Parsons gave him a simple mandate: Turn the world's largest Internet services provider around.

Unless you've been in hiding, you know that founder Steve Case's dream hitched its wagon to dial-up, became a behemoth, went through some turbulent deal-making years that left a bad taste in the mouths of brands, agencies and the Feds, and waded through the stormiest acquisition in the history of modern business.

Today, Case is gone, the AOL name is off the Time Warner headquarters on Columbus Circle in Manhattan and the stock ticker -- largely at Miller's request -- and AOL is quietly regaining its luster. Miller is the diamond cutter reshaping this jewel.

He came into the job fully armed from his gig as president and chief executive officer of USA Information and Services (USAIS). Prior to that, Miller served as president and chief executive officer of USA Electronic Commerce Solutions, was president and chief executive officer of USA Broadcasting, and worked for Nickelodeon in the mid-1990s, joining as chief executive officer/managing director of Nick UK in 1993 and rising to managing director of Nickelodeon International. Before that, Miller was chief executive of Paramount's first branded international channel, launching the Paramount Comedy Channel in London, and was vice president of programming and NBA entertainment at the National Basketball Association in New York.

Miller will be the opening keynoter at the .

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