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SearchTHIS: Stop the Abuse!

Kevin M. Ryan
SearchTHIS: Stop the Abuse! Kevin M. Ryan

Google's announcement of a commercial developer program for its paid search management interface (API) and the mystery surrounding the new fee structure will definitely make the top ten search buzz list for 2005. While rumors fly about high costs of entry, search advertisers and agencies are starting to ask more difficult questions about the role of third parties in the search mix.

How often do you update your bids? How much bandwidth do you think a search program should use? Have you invested in a comprehensive paid listing management tool or application to help you in your search marketing process? What is the investment of an unbiased third party worth?

is cause for celebration. This week, we have seen input from thought leaders and industry gurus seeking to enhance the presence and position of search marketing.

In recent years, our collective search engine marketing intelligence throughput has increased dramatically, and I am proud to see so many contributions to the collective good without fear of reprisal from those who would seek to influence opinion.

I have missed out on the occasional party invite and experienced first hand what the sword of power will do to try and influence the written and spoken words. I have been called "too controversial" and even missed out on some industry business because of my tendency to explore viewpoints beyond what is fed to us by public relations machines and reciprocal editorial content. The definition of evil seems to be a bit subjective at times.

So be it. Happy Search Week.

iMedia Search Editor Kevin Ryan's current and former client roster reads like a "who's who" in big brands; Rolex Watch, USA, State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Minolta Corporation, Samsung Electronics America, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Panasonic Services, and the Hilton Hotels brands, to name a few. Ryan believes in sound guidance, creative thought, accountable actions and collaborative execution as applied to search, or any form of marketing. His principled approach and staunch commitment to the industry have made him one of the most sought after personalities in online marketing. Ryan volunteers his time with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, and several regional non-profit organizations.
Ryan is Managing Partner at
Kinetic Results.


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