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Email Advertising and Men's Clothing

Email Advertising and Men's Clothing BIGresearch

The following is from BIGresearch's SIMM VI database of over 14,000 respondents displaying the difference in the influence of email advertising on purchase decisions among customers who chose Wal-Mart and JC Penney as their first choice for Men's Clothing.

Overall, the Wal-Mart customer who shops for men's clothing is influenced by email advertising in every category compared to the JC Penney customers; eating out, telecom services, medicines, car/truck, home improvement, grocery except for apparel/clothing. The above data chart shows the power of email advertising on concrete purchase decisions by retail channels. Media planning and ROI elements by retail channel are important factors to retailers and manufacturers.

BIGresearch is an Ohio-based online marketing intelligence and internet-powered marketing research company.


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