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Sugarshots: Improving the Campaign

Sugarshots: Improving the Campaign Dave Chase

Campaign Details:

Client: Sugarshots, Inc.

Agency: Basement, Inc.

Ad Network: 24/7 Real Media

Ad Serving + Tracking: Atlas DMT

Site Analytics: Think Metrics


). When working with startup brands, I’ve often echoed what Al Ries has to say in “The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR”: PR builds brands, while Advertising maintains brands. However, I agree with Jaffe’s premise that PR is built on the back of communal marketing. Communal marketing was the basis for the success of brands such as Starbucks, Amazon and Google. They did little advertising to build their brand, yet relied heavily on the idea of communal marketing. I’m certain that Sugarshots has a great opportunity to tap into communal marketing concepts to create stories that become “PR-able.” For example, since I suggested a different packaging approach, why not have Sugarshots’ community contribute their ideas for new product packaging. I’m certain there are a lot of product packaging designers (professional and amateur) who are in Sugarshots' target. Give the winner(s) a year’s supply of premium coffee and Sugarshots. The premium coffee partner could help promote the contest, thus broadening the reach of the promotion.

As I pondered how I might offer up further insights, I asked myself a variation on a familiar question -- “What would Jaffe do?” Jaffe’s book is chock-a-block full of ideas and reminders that will jog your thoughts. I’ll end this piece encouraging Joseph and other leading thinkers (yes, that’s you) in the iMedia community to add your thoughts to what has been started. (Note: This is a variation on a brainstorming technique encouraging people to build on the ideas of others.):

  • Joseph joined the open source marketing chorus in his book. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say about this campaign. Other members of the “chorus” are Steve Rubel (a regular iMedia contributor), who has mentioned open source marketing in his blog, and James Cherkoff, who I believe was the first person to use the term open source marketing in his “manifesto,” which I found after starting down this path. When James learned of this project, he reached out and offered to help. I look forward to Joseph, Steve, James and anyone else taking this feedback and campaign to the next level.

  • Jaffe argues that the old paradigm of advertising's purpose being to Inform, Persuade and Remind is being replaced by Empower, Demonstrate and Involve. Sugarshots has ample opportunity to do all three.

  • Jaffe proposes 10 approaches that are transforming the marketing and advertising game:

    1. The internet

    2. Gaming

    3. On-demand viewing

    4. Experiential marketing

    5. Long-form content

    6. Communal marketing

    7. Consumer-generated content

    8. Search

    9. Music & mobile

    10. Branded entertainment.

I’d argue that at least six of these could be well used in the Sugarshots “reality marketing campaign.” What do you think? If you’d like to share your ideas, click here.

Dave Chase is a partner with Altus Alliance, which specializes in driving revenue traction for emerging businesses.He publishes a blog entitled Chase Market Velocity that focuses on how emerging businesses can gain market traction via the Enterprise Sales Learning Curve principles espoused by Mark Leslie. Before joining Altus Alliance, Chase spent nearly 20 years in the industry with over a dozen years at Microsoft in various senior marketing and general management roles, including his role as MSN’s managing director for industry marketing and relations. In that capacity, he was responsible for MSN taking a leadership role within the Interactive Marketing industry to grow Online’s share of the overall ad market in concert with AOL, CNET, Yahoo!, Google and other market leaders.

Chase played leadership roles in launching several new businesses within Microsoft including Microsoft’s entry into the enterprise software and server business which is now an $8B business. This included co-leading Microsoft’s first vertical marketing efforts where he grew the Healthcare vertical market from virtually no presence to a market leading position. The healthcare business now represents nearly $500M in revenue for Microsoft.

From there, he was integral in Microsoft’s entry into consumer internet businesses that achieved both critical and financial success. These included Sidewalk, Encarta and HomeAdvisor, which were among the first profitable consumer internet businesses for Microsoft. He has contributed to iMedia via articles and Summit presentations.

Dave is the CEO and Co-founder of Avado. Avado is a Patient Relationship Management platform that empowers the healthcare parternship between individuals and their health & wellness providers while giving the individual a Connected Health...

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