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Blogs, Purchase Decisions and Race

Blogs, Purchase Decisions and Race Joe Pilotta

White, Hispanics and African Americans are multi-taskers and are truly a part of the new media world. In particular, blogging is becoming an influencing word of mouth tool and becoming very influential on purchase decisions.

Based on BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM VI), Hispanics who blog are more impacted by their blogging activity. When it came to purchase decisions on electronics and medicines. African Americans who blog are affected more on their purchase decisions for car/truck. Whites who blog are dramatically less effected overall.

It would appear that “word of mouth” blogging may attest to African Americans wanting to confer with their trusted networks more than White bloggers, regarding certain category of merchandise for purchase.

Joe Pilotta was Vice President of BIGresearch, and a former professor at Ohio State University, School of Communications. He holds two Ph.D.s from Ohio University (Communication Research) and from University of Toronto (Sociology), Canada. Senior...

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