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6 Successful Integrated Campaigns

Russell Shaw
6 Successful Integrated Campaigns Russell Shaw

You don't need a huge budget to run a successful integrated marketing campaign.

Ingenuity informed by understanding your prospective customer's lifestyle is more of a core component to building these campaigns than simply taking client dollars and throwing media against the wall in a multi-channel blitz.

A successful integrated campaign faces challenges, though. How can you cut through the clutter-- not only the clutter of media itself, but through the clutter of customers distracted by busy schedules? One way is to understand and harness the difference between consumer interception and interruption (you'll see this in the Baja Fresh example, later).

Integrated marketing campaigns are also a useful tool for getting data about customers that cannot necessarily be gleaned from demographic surveys and registration forms.

We'll look at six campaigns.


Author Notes:
Russell Shaw is a financial and technology author-journalist based in Portland, Oregon. Read full bio.


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Commenter: Laura Krone

2010, October 03

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