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How to Build Your Brand with Video

How to Build Your Brand with Video Alan Schulman

Broadband video is alive and well!

That's good news for publisher CPMs-- but it's also good news for brand marketers and their agencies.

Now is the time to provide deeper, more interactive brand-centric narratives to your target consumers-- deeper narratives than print has traditionally been capable of providing.

The creative task is how to move beyond traditional 30-second spots and cutdown pre-rolls into other kinds of video units that differentiate your message or application from everyone else trying to get noticed on the page.

What follows are five tips about how to get the most out of your broadband video campaign.

Author Notes:
Alan Schulman is Chief Creative Officer of Brand New World-- the creative agency specializing in emerging media. Read full bio.


If the user chooses a sports clip, then your video message should have some contextual narrative or visual approach that links your brand to sports.

The same goes for news, movies, music-- whatever.

The cost of developing and producing a contextually relevant short form pre-roll is about the same as what you're paying to have your agency cut down a :30 to a :15.

So produce a pool of them that you can use on multiple sites. Otherwise, you're just filling up inventory with lean back creative designed for passive viewing.

This one should be obvious.

However, few advertisers and their agencies are taking advantage of clickable video applications that allow the user to click-over video while it streams and serve up adjacent offers, information and promotional messages alongside the video window.

In this manner, you can actually drive your brand message home while you engage the consumer in a two-way experience that offers them something for the time they've spent watching.

Want an example? Check out the demos at www.avantinteractive.com.

Too many marketers spend extraordinarily too much money on their big, beautiful brand sites-- and then they have little budget left to get people to go there.

The key is to fish where the fish are and place your messaging across a variety of sites that put you in front of the influencers you're trying to reach.

With the right combination of video-based messages and innovative banner techniques (see Heavy.com) you can have far greater impact than waiting for consumers to arrive at your doorstep.

Click to view larger image

Your video can do more than just precede a site's content: it can be the content itself.

More and more brands are waking up to the reality of "all things video."

These brands are producing a library of longer form video that gently weaves brand messages within the context of lifestyle content to communicate their message in a less overt way.

We employed this strategy recently on behalf of SPLENDA Brand Sweetener within Food Network's streaming video environment.

There, long form brand-centric video functioned as a virtual channel of content on the site.

Once you've got more than just cutdown :30 spots to work with, it's time to consider how best to turn it loose.

Sure, your media plan will place you on sites that reach a mass audience-- but then comes the long tail and opportunities to syndicate your video in a branded player environment in page and offer it to hundreds of text-based sites that are clamoring for video.

Let your campaign travel downstream.

Brightcove has an easy to use, elegant dashboard application that lets you "house" your video content in an environment that can allow you to slivercast your message to the long tail, where key influencers on the mass audience reside

Remember, these days it's no longer about reaching the mass, but finding clever ways to influence the influencer.

Alan Schulman currently serves as National Director of Digital Marketing & Creative Content for Deloitte Digtial - a division of Deloitte Consulting, LLP.  A member of Deloitte Digital's Senior Leadership Team, Alan is responsible for...

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