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The Anywhere Consumer

Emily Green
The Anywhere Consumer Emily Green

Accelerating improvements in communications technologies are leading to the evolution of the anywherenetworkwhere mobile, broadband, smart and ultimately available everywhere. That transformation will unleash a new kind of consumer, someone who expects all of their activities, preferences and information to be available to them wherever they are, on whatever screen or gizmo is most convenient. The Anywhere Consumer will demand a very different approach to engaging in a marketing conversation. What happens when it's not just about time-shifting the media experience, but place-shifting? What platforms? Which distribution partners? What economics? Join Emily Green, CEO of Yankee Group Research, on a visit to the frontlines of the global connectivity revolution. Look at the Anywhere Consumer through recent data and some important trends for marketers who want to survive the changes ahead and develop "anywhere marketing."

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at .


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