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Ad Networks Crib Sheet

Ad Networks Crib Sheet

As marketers have to use more channels for reaching audiences, those who facilitate the aggregation of content -- or as is often the case, the aggregation of audiences -- become more important to the media planning and buying process. And the number of companies offering to do this has grown more numerous as the number of channels and the amount of content carried on them have grown.

iMedia Connection would like to help you make sense of this growing category by providing you a brief summary -- a crib sheet -- of a number of ad networks, mobile advertising providers, and other unique opportunities for you to find these audiences spread out over so many places. Here you will find quick-look information about audiences, targeting capabilities, and unique offerings of a number of these new New Media companies.

Here is the list of networks covered, in alphabetical order by company name:

Jim Meskauskas has spent the last ten years working in media at advertising agencies, handling both online and traditional media accounts that ranged from Nestlé Beverage to Amazon.com to Schering-Plough. Most recently he was partner and Chief Strategic Officer with Underscore Marketing. He is also a principal and Vice President of Media with Pericles Consulting, an online political marketing agency, whose clients have included the Bush-Cheney 04 re-election campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Jim is iMedia Connection's Media Strategies Editor.

Jim Meskauskas is a Partner and Co-Founder of Media Darwin, Inc., providing comprehensive media strategy and planning.  Prior to that, Jim was the SVP of Online Media at ICON International, an Omnicom Company, where he spent nearly five years.

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