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Podcast: Emerging vs. Traditional Media

Podcast: Emerging vs. Traditional Media Mario Sgambelluri

This interview with Amanda Seaford, West Coast director, OMD Digital, was recorded at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Lake Las Vegas earlier this year.

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

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Mario Sgambelluri, managing editor, iMedia Connection

Amanda Seaford, West Coast director, OMD Digital

Show notes:

01:15 There is much growth in the emerging media industry
02:00 Sometimes more resources are needed for online than for traditional campaigns
03:04 Where is the industry with all the emerging software solutions and tools?
04:00 The gaming industry is the most interesting area of emerging media
06:40 How do you match clients with the right emerging media?
08:40 Smart media agencies are in the emerging space
12:45 How to extend the brand and keep the consumer engaged

17:26, 8.21 MB, MP3


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