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Testing Emails Offering Services

The Marketing Experiments Journal
Testing Emails Offering Services The Marketing Experiments Journal

The outcome? The email that was focused on just one service, from beginning to end, significantly outperformed the email which tried to describe and pre-sell four separate services.

Our findings are not entirely surprising. Most of us already know that a website landing page which focuses on a single product or service will almost always do better than a similar page which tries to sell multiple products or services.

It is logical that the same would apply to emails.

Our test was run with one merchant, using the same email list, over same time period.

Here are the results:

Total sales on ALL offers with the email that tried to promote 4 different offers were only 24. The email which focused on just one free service outperformed it by 464 percent.

(Why did we email six times the volume of emails with just the one offer? It's because we stopped sending the other email version as soon as we had enough valid data to show us how poorly it was performing.)

The surprise here lies not in the results of our test, but in the fact that so many online retailers and publishers consistently send out emails and e-newsletters which feature multiple products and services.

While for some companies, and e-retailers in particular, there is a tradition of featuring multiple products or services in each email, our test results suggest it is at least worth testing what would happen if you emailed just one product or service offer at a time.

You'll find a full archive of our test results, and analysis within the MarketingExperiments.com Research Archives. The Marketing Experiments Journal publishes primary test results from work with our research partners once every two weeks. Subscription to the Journal is free and gives you full access to both our archives and teleconference calls. Subscribe here.



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