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The Score: Technorati's Meteoric Rise

comScore Media Metrix
The Score: Technorati's Meteoric Rise comScore Media Metrix

Blog search and aggregation site, Technorati.com, has been one of the success stories on the web over the past year. Just one year ago, the site garnered barely 100,000 visitors a month. However, by April 2006 Technorati.com was closing in on five million visitors, establishing itself as one of the major players on the internet. In part, the site's meteoric rise in visitation appears to be tied to the MySpace phenomenon. Specifically, Technorati's ability to generate traffic is a function of the number of blogs of interest, and MySpace.com has been a major contributor to the mainstream popularity and accessibility of blogs.

  • Technorati.com drew 4.5 million visitors in April 2006, which represents an eye-popping 3,600 percent increase over April of last year. The site is experiencing exponential growth, similar to the growth in visitors at MySpace.com.

  • Of those people visiting Technorati.com in April, 29.6 percent arrived at the site via MySpace.com. Similarly, 26.6 percent of those leaving the site immediately went to MySpace.com. The high level of cross-visitation suggests a symbiotic relationship between the two sites.

  • Technorati's demographic breakdown of visitors reveals heavy age skews toward younger age groups. Those between the ages of 12 to 17 are 88 percent more likely than the average internet user to visit the site, while those age 25 to 34 are 49 percent more likely to do so. This data is consistent with the demographic profile of MySpace visitors, which also skews to younger internet users.


Source/Loss Report of Visitors to/from Technorati.com
Percent of Site Entries, Percent of Site Exits in Rank Order
April 2006

Sources of incoming traffic to Technorati.com Percent of Entries
MySpace.com 29.6
Yahoo! Sites 5.4
eBay 4.4
Wikipedia Sites 3.9
Time Warner Network 2.4
Sources of incoming traffic to Technorati.com Percent of Entries
MySpace.com 26.6
Yahoo! Sites 5.3
Wikipedia Sites 5.6
eBay 3.7
MSN-Microsoft Sites 2.5
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Demographic Profile of Visitors to Technorati.com
Percent Composition of Unique Visitors and Composition Index
April 2006

  % Composition of Unique Visitors Composition Index
Persons - Age    
Persons: 12-17 17.5 188
Persons: 18-24 17.8 149
Persons: 25-34 13.4 91
Persons: 35-54 36.6 95
Persons: 55+ 12.3 69
Source: comScore Media Metrix

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