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Podcast: Creating Customer Experiences

Kevin M. Ryan
Podcast: Creating Customer Experiences Kevin M. Ryan

A theme at the iMedia Summit in Coconut Point Florida earlier this year was the case of the elusive customer. Kinetic Results' Kevin Ryan discussed this topic with Jamie Welsh, senior director of eDistribution Marketing for Hilton Hotels. Among the issues discussed: the imperative of leveraging technology to create a consumer experience, push vs. pull advertising and how marketers need to apply past learnings to better understand consumers.

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Kevin Ryan, Search Editor, iMedia Communications

Jamie Welsh, Senior Director of eDistribution Marketing, Hilton Hotels

24:07, 8.37 MB, MP3

Show Notes:
  1:25 Where the evolution of online advertising is going
  2:40 Take technology and turn it into an experience for consumers
  5:15 The bottleneck is: where are the consumers?
  5:56 Examples of leveraging technology
  6:38 Background on Hilton Family
  8:20 How Hilton is making emotional connections
  9:50 From push product placement to pull product placement
10:58 All media need to change perspective
14:23 Addressing a generational divide
16:58 2006-- a year of applying learnings to better understand customers
18:30 There has to be an emotional connection
20:00 Recognize that everything is global, but becoming very regional

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.


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