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Podcast: The Evolution of Rich Media

Kevin M. Ryan
Podcast: The Evolution of Rich Media Kevin M. Ryan

Gian Lombardi provides an overview of the current state of rich media. He explains what PointRoll strives to achieve, and how it is going about doing so. He also answers Kevin Ryan's questions about how the online world is becoming more accessible to marketers.

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Kevin Ryan, search editor, iMedia Communications

Gian Lombardi, VP eastern sales, PointRoll

16:44, 6.12 MB, MP3

Show Notes:
1:41 PointRoll aims to improve the creativity and interactivity of online advertising
4:40 Bringing rich media to direct response advertising
5:45 Challenges of working with brand marketers
6:38 Video with interactivity
8:13 How to measure offline consumption of products marketed online
9:29 Traditional budgets transitioning to online
9:41 Paperboy as a successful product
11:21 How to make online advertising data usable

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.


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