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Podcast: MGM Mirage on Interactive

Kevin M. Ryan
Podcast: MGM Mirage on Interactive Kevin M. Ryan

Kevin Ryan speaks with Shawn Rorick and Lou Ragg about the MGM Mirage's use of interactive marketing, the fact that the company was a pioneer in the space, and how Las Vegas' profile is shifting as it becomes a more mainstream destination.

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

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Kevin M. Ryan, search editor, iMedia Connection

Shawn Rorick, director, MGM Mirage
Lou Ragg, executive director, MGM Mirage

Show Notes:
1:18 MGM Mirage's approach to interactive marketing-- direct response
2:50 Turning point-- where MGM Mirage adopted interactive marketing
3:55 Biggest trend of the year: social media/networking
7:33 Successful campaign of past year
8:36 BT
10:16 Brands that have done great work in the space
12:45 Advice for agencies in the space
14:20 Greatest challenge facing online in year ahead

16:55, 15.4 MB, MP3


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