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Couponing in the Mobile Space

Couponing in the Mobile Space Alan Chapell

My grocery store recently installed a set of those automated check-outs. So instead of having a cashier ring up my purchases, I sometimes do the scanning myself. Right before I pay the automated teller always asks me if I have any coupons. I never do-- after all, who still clips and carries around paper coupons?

Maybe part of this is generational, since I remember my parents using coupons all the time. But maybe it's about convenience, too. To use a coupon, I'd have to dig through a newspaper or circular to find a coupon geared towards the products I buy, cut it out, and then remember to carry it with me to the store. That seems like a lot of trouble for $1.00 off my corn flakes.

This is just the dilemma that 'mobile couponing' aims to solve. By sending coupons straight to mobile users' phones, mobile marketers hope to make using coupons convenient and thereby increase redemption rates.

What is Mobile Couponing?
The basic idea of mobile coupons isn't all that different from traditional paper coupons. In either case, says Gady Shlasky, CEO of mobile technology provider

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