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Podcast: Maintaining Customer Dialogue

Podcast: Maintaining Customer Dialogue Kevin Ryan

Emerging platforms such as mobile, games, podcasts and blogging are on the rise, but what is the right media for your brand to use on online? How do you also protect your brand's image when you have user-generated content as part of your interactive campaign? Sean Cheyney, VP of marketing and AccuQuote, describes the challenges his company faced and the success stories of establishing a honest dialogue with online consumers.

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Kevin Ryan, search editor, iMedia Connection

Show Notes:
1:04 Interactive as a tool to generate leads
1:35 Interactive is playing a greater role in our media spend
2:14 Pursuing the long tail; buying is done in-house
3:00 Target audience: over age of 40
4: 00 Messages that are educational too
6:00 Blogging and emerging platforms
7:00 Added layer of communicating with customer
8:00 Dealing with negative customer experience
10:10 Keep the dialogue going
11:30 Finding the right media fit
13:22 Microsite talking about life insurance
15:16 Viral, user-generated content

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

Format: 18:58, 17.3 MB, MP3

Kevin Ryan founded the strategic consulting firm Motivity Marketing in April 2007. Ryan is known throughout the world as an interactive marketing thought leader, particularly in the search marketing arena. Today's Motivity is a group of...

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