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Podcast: Online Travel

Online travel is growing but how do marketers leverage elements such as vertical search and user-generated content to their advantage? What are the challenges interactive marketers face within the online travel landscape? What are some of the successful tactics used to build the brand and retain repeat customers? Dean Harris, CMO of Kayak.com, addresses these topics and more in the following podcast.

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Mario Sgambelluri, Manging Editor, iMedia Connection

Show Notes:
1:17 Online travel is a large and robust category
1:47 Search is an important part for Kayak
2:30 Repeat consumers originally from search
3:20 TV campaign for Kayak drives online traffic
4:33 User-initiated content
6:00 We create member pages, build community
6:30 User-generated content
7:09 The building of the brand via the internet
8:00 Internet makes it a level playing field
8:30 Vertical search provides value
12:04 Challenges for Kayak.com
12:50 Travel partnerships
13:45 Advice for marketers on vertical search

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

Format: 15:55, 14.5 MB, MP3


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