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Podcast: Universal Talks Tactics

Kevin M. Ryan
Podcast: Universal Talks Tactics Kevin M. Ryan

In a conversation that took place at the iMedia Brand Summit in Lake Las Vegas in September, Doug Neil, SVP, Digital Marketing for Universal, tells Search Editor Kevin Ryan that digital is an integral part of the company's marketing mix, explains how user-generated content impacts movie marketing, and admits staying ahead of the game is his biggest challenge.

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

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Kevin M. Ryan, CEO, Kinetic Results and iMedia Search Editor

Doug Neil, SVP, Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures

Show Notes: 
 1:40: Digital is integral part of media mix
 3:18: Robust online programs supported summer films
 4:04: Social networking is a hot strategy to tap right now
 5:14: Advergames effective tactic
 8:40: Key tactic: Match audience, message and media
 9:08: Haven't yet hit upon mobile marketing success
11:04: Biggest impact this past year: user-generated media
14:35: Have to rethink how we're marketing
17:18: Shouldn't do tactics just to do tactics
18:20: Greatest challenge: staying ahead.

21:16, 19.4 MB, MP3


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