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Which Sites Are Stickiest?

comScore Media Metrix
Which Sites Are Stickiest? comScore Media Metrix

"Stickiness" is a term used to describe content that encourages users to return often, or spend additional time on a particular website. Sometimes stickiness is measured in minutes spent or page views at a particular site. Indeed, these metrics are excellent indicators of how engaging a site is for the average visitor, but also important is the frequency with which visitors return to the site. Frequency of visitation is an equally important metric because most sticky sites routinely provide fresh content, offering return visitors a new experience each time.

  • In July 2006, Portals ranked as the "stickiest" category, attracting visitors an average of 28.7 out of 31 days in the month. The next stickiest category was Entertainment, which attracted visitors an average of 15.2 days during the month (up 29 percent), followed by Community Sites at 14.3 (up 29 percent) and News/Information at 14.0 (up 20 percent).

  • Portals dominated the rankings of the top sites by average usage days per visitor. Yahoo! sites ranked number one with 11.6 usage days, followed by Time Warner Network (10.6 average usage days per visitor), while Microsoft sites placed third (9.8 average usage days per visitor).

  • Weather sites also proved to draw high frequency of visitation, with two properties ranking among the top 10. Weatherbug Property ranked fourth overall, with 9.2 average usage days per visitor, while The Weather Channel ranked eighth with 8.1 average usage days per visitor.

  • Social Networking sites, a more recent phenomenon, are proving to be among the stickiest sites on the internet. MySpace.com ranked sixth at 8.7 average minutes per visitor, while Facebook.com ranked ninth, averaging eight minutes per visitor.

Top Categories by Average Usage Days Per Visitor
July 2006 vs. July 2005
Total U.S. - Home, Work and University Locations

  Average Usage Days per Visitor
  Jul-05 Jul-06 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 20.1 20.9 4
Portals 21.5 28.7 34
Entertainment 11.8 15.2 29
Community 8.7 14.3 64
News/Information 11.7 14.0 20
Search/Navigation 12.6 13.6 8
E-mail 12.6 13.2 5
Directories/Resources 10.5 11.8 13
ISP 10.8 11.6 7
Retail 10.0 11.2 11
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Top Properties by Average Usage Days Per Visitor
July 2006 vs. July 2005
Total U.S. - Home, Work and University Locations

  Average Usage Days per Visitor
  Mar-05 Mar-06 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 20.1 20.9 4
Yahoo! Sites 10.6 11.6 9
Time Warner Network 11.0 10.4 -5
Microsoft Sites 10.1 9.8 -3
Weatherbug Property 9.5 9.2 -3
MYSPACE.COM 7.4 8.7 18
Google Sites 7.4 8.3 12
Weather Channel, The 5.3 8.1 54
FACEBOOK.COM 6.7 8.0 19
Comcast Corporation 7.1 6.6 -7
* based on Top 100 Internet Properties by Unique Visitors
Source: comScore Media Metrix

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