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Gender-Specific Marketing Discoveries

Gender-Specific Marketing Discoveries Joseph Carrabis

Imagine the NYTimes running the headline "Studies Show Women are Different from Men." How about "Findings Indicate 19- to 34-year-olds Shop Differently than Boomers?" Neither would be headlines and both are stating the obvious, yet few companies actively utilize gender and age specific design principles when producing marketing materials.

During today's session, NextStage's Joseph Carrabis shares research findings on the following:

  • Gender specific motivational factors

  • Gender neutral motivational factors

  • Which colors attract different age groups

  • How first impressions effect different audiences

  • How element placement on a page influences the decision process

  • Why the secret to marketing design is to "have someone else's experience"

Learn from one of the most quoted sources working at the intersection of marketing and usability today.

Joseph Carrabis' 22 books and 225 articles have ranged among cultural anthropology, mathematics, information mechanics, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, psychodynamics and psychosocial modeling-- and other eclectic topics. His knowledge and data designs have been used by Caltech, Citibank, DOD, IBM, NASA, Owens-Corning and Smith-Barney among others. Carrabis is CRO and founder of NextStage Evolution and NextStage Global, and founder of KnowledgeNH and NH Business Development Network. He is also inventor and developer of Evolution Technology.

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

Joseph Carrabis is Founder and CRO of The NextStage Companies, NextStage Global and NextStage Analytics, companies that specialize in helping clients improve their marketing efforts and understand customer behavior. He's also applied neuroscience,...

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