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A Last Search Hurrah, and a Look Forward

Kevin M. Ryan
A Last Search Hurrah, and a Look Forward Kevin M. Ryan

A note from Editor-in-Chief Brad Berens: This marks the last regular iMedia column by my friend and colleague Kevin Ryan. I'll miss seeing his byline in our pages, but I also know that he'll continue to make the industry a better place for all of us in his future endeavors.

(October 13, 2003)
In the early days, I loved translating press releases into English. I guess old habits die hard, but this one is a favorite.

Shutting up and thanking them already
First, thanks to my friend Masha Geller. Long before I knew of iMedia she took a chance on an outspoken writer with her publication and I took the cover story one autumn. The rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, without iMedia CEO Rick Parkhill -- who believed in search and helped bring it up to the main stage at iMedia both on the event and editorial side -- none of this would have been possible.

Then there were the editors: Dawn Anfuso who took me in and made me feel at home. Lee Watters followed, and he was the man who introduced me into great writing with a bonus education on the paranormal. Say hi to Andrew for me!

Although my official capacity was a writer and contributor, I attended more than a few summits. Consummate professionals on the operations side of the iMedia Summit business worked tirelessly to make sure each show went off without a hitch. And if there were hitches, show attendees never knew about it.

And last, but certainly not least on the editorial side, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Brad Berens with his own style and a certain "whatever the French call it." Brad relentlessly, week after week, took my 800-word jumble and with magic editing created masterpiece. He also endured the "Lipton Tea" bag creative showcase incident.

Finally the publishers: In Josh Messinger and Mario Sgambelluri I have found two very competent professionals and very dear friends that make sure it all comes together.

I know they say you can't go back, but who knows how the story will unfold. It's a great big online universe out there, and you never know, home could end up coming back to you.

Kevin Ryan is chief executive officer at Motivity Marketing and vice president, global content director of Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch. .


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Commenter: Keri Albers

2007, June 14

I miss you already.