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Cottonelle Fetches Consumers with Branded Puppy

Cottonelle Fetches Consumers with Branded Puppy iMedia Editors


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Commenter: meghan kube

2010, November 07


Commenter: Mariana Castillo

2010, November 01

I love animals

Commenter: Ashok Rath

2010, August 23

The screenmate of cottonelle puppy is very nice

Commenter: Susan Roling

2010, July 24

This is a terrific campaingn. Only they forgot to get the puppy tricks updated and it should work in foxfire and chrome. Someone important such as yourselves, should let them know they are falling down on the job.

Commenter: tanja micic

2008, October 09

very nice

Commenter: fran coatsworth

2008, February 29

hiya i want this my self it looks really gud