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Are you ready for a new digital creative era?

Are you ready for a new digital creative era? iMedia Editors



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Commenter: Nick Zink

2008, August 13

Great comment by Tom Kasperski at Infuz.

(I don't have a mic, but I'll throw my comment out anyway)

I think we will see users or receivers of our messages continue to be more and more selective or mercenary about what they consume and certainly less entertained by the "basic” or "standard” variety of online advertising we create. It's hard to imagine attention spans becoming even shorter, but I believe it will happen. The breed of gen Y multi-taskers we have saturating the Web space is ferocious in it's surfing habit, which makes it extremely challenging for interactive creative folks like myself to balance the task of sending the client's message with the realities of how desensitized these users are in receiving it. They just won't listen if we don't provide them with something relevant. And if we attempt to make it entertaining, it better be damned entertaining. If we create a game for them to play, it better be really cleaver and easy to play. But above all, it needs to weave the brand into it smartly. Today's users are just too smart for contrived, baiting ad units.

I also think mobile will begin playing a bigger roll. Desktop applications and the trend of piping down branded, RELEVANT content TO the user is exploding, and it's only a matter of time before the U.S. catches up to Asia's mobile capabilities. Hello America's mobile universe, can we find a standard?