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Media Motion: for the record (06/06/08)

Media Motion: for the record (06/06/08) Michael Estrin

Aegis Media North America announced that Adrienne Scordato has been promoted to VP, director of corporate communications.

Catalyst:SF, the "marketing capital" firm founded by John Durham and Cory Treffiletti, has launched Digital Influentials, an invitation-only Facebook group for client and agency marketing and advertising executives influencing the direction of digital marketing.

Coremetrics, a provider of digital marketing optimization solutions, has appointed Kathi Kaplan as CMO.

Coupons, Inc. launched Coupons.com Brandcaster, a content-relevant promotion serving network. 

CraveOnline.com announced the appointment of two new sales veterans Doug Hoenig and Danielle Reiter to the growing CraveOnline sales team.

eXelate, the creator of an exchange for targeting data, announced that it has brought aboard Mark S. Zagorski in the newly created position of CRO and opened a  U.S. headquarters in New York.

FreeWheel has hired Frans Vermeulen, who will serve as the head of the business services unit.

Gorilla Nation announced today that it has appointed James Eppinger as senior sales manager and Amy Bernacki as sales manager of the London office, reporting to newly installed U.K. sales director JP Kemp. The company also announced that it has been selected to exclusively represent the online ad inventory for Horseland.com.

Javelin Direct, a direct marketing agency and a division of Omnicom, has named Jason Brown director of client services. 

Jumpstart Automotive Media announced that Steve Wilhite, a veteran auto marketer who has worked with Volkswagen, Nissan and Hyundai, has joined the company as president.

Larry Chase has launched a new blog -- "Internet Direct Marketing Tip of the Day."

National Geographic Channel launched a Stonehenge online game in conjunction with the premier of its new special, "Stonehenge Decoded."

Pixsy Corporation, a B2B provider of private label video and image search engines to websites and applications, announced that it has signed a deal to power video search for MMORPG.com, an online role playing game.

Q Interactive announced the reelection of Gayle Guzzardo as the chairperson of the IAB lead generation committee.

Reply.com announced the launch of its lead marketplace, offering a high level of control for buyers and sellers.

Siegel+Gale, a strategic branding firm, announced the appointment of David Keefe as global director of media and entertainment.

The Hyperfactory, a full-service mobile ideas, media and execution company, announced that Liz Jones will lead the company's Los Angeles-based entertainment division.

The Tennis Company has tapped Tacoda and Real Media founder Dave Morgan to serve as its chairman. Morgan will also be a partner in the company, which operates Tennis.com.

Theorem Inc., an online media operations company, introduced the second version of its proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) program, Theorem Analytics 2.0. Designed with the needs of online marketers in mind, the program allows media planners, advertising operations teams and finance managers to upload data in multiple forms and generate detailed reports through customizable templates and formulas.

Traffic Dude has been retained to manage advertising sales for the blog Fleshbot.com.

US Search announced that it has named Jeffrey A. Pullen as its president and CEO.  Pullen, a seasoned senior executive, has served as CEO, COO and CFO for a number of public and private companies.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically according to what company hires what person or another company. Our bi-weekly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].

Michael Estrin is associate editor at iMediaConnection.

Michael Estrin is freelance writer. He contributes regularly to iMedia, Bankrate.com, and California Lawyer Magazine. But you can also find his byline across the Web (and sometimes in print) at Digiday, Fast...

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