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How to automate your unsold ad inventory

How to automate your unsold ad inventory Doug Wintz

George Carlin made an indelible impression by daring to state the seven dirty words you couldn't say on radio or TV. If he worked in ad operations, he might have added "remnant advertising" to the list. For the uninitiated, remnant is unsold ad inventory that can be filled by third-party resellers or "remnant" ad networks.

This year, some publishers have opted to ban remnant advertising from their sites. They are troubled by the quality of advertisers and creative that cycle through remnant networks' ad tags. Most often, a publisher's sentiment is expressed as follows: "The types of advertisers who cycle through remnant inventory diminish the value of my site and make the environment less attractive for major brands."

The flip side of banning remnant ad networks is that publishers rely on revenue from advertising to float their boats. This point of view is best expressed as, "We have 75 million unsold impressions a month. If I can net between $30,000 and $40,000 more a month from remnant, why wouldn't I?"

The fact that the use of remnant networks has increased dramatically suggests that the latter line of thinking is the prevailing viewpoint. For example, check out the news release titled .  Or, if you're not so concerned with what might happen in 20 years, how about simply looking forward to tomorrow when your job could get a little easier?

Doug Wintz is principal and founder of DMW MediaWorks.

  Doug Wintz is Founder and Principal of DMW MediaWorks, a consultancy specializing in digital ad operations and technology.  Since 2004, DMW MediaWorks has helped emerging companies set up their ad operations departments and...

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