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Top iMedia Agency Summit buzz topics

Top iMedia Agency Summit buzz topics Dan Neely

During the course of last week's iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz., Networked Insights used its SocialSense listening platform to chart buzz surrounding the event. Below are top-ranking buzz topics, along with a representative quote for each. Data was pulled from blogs and forums from the time of the conference through the following week.

Tag cloud for the iMedia Agency Summit

1. Real-time
There's nothing surprising or groundbreaking here; we all understand the power of real-time.

"Advertisers do not want to serve ads next to vulgar content or competitor content, which is part of the IAB guidelines. Since tweets are being pulled in real-time (and in flixup!, you see that people are very opinionated about movies), when ads are being served, brand ads shouldn't be displayed if there are any tweets with vulgar or competitor content."

2. Location-based advertising
Location-based advertising is obviously going to be a game changer, and while mobile spending is relatively small, participants expect it to grow and evolve rapidly.

"Local online is increasing by 50% over the next 5 years, most purchases are made locally, reaching local audiences with local context is 4x more efficient."

3. Impression-based media
Impression-based media continues to be a hot topic. Discussions around exchanges and platforms and the evolving agency/exchange/publisher landscape are most relevant dialogues. Efficiency and value in a brutal economy make this a topic that everyone wants to better understand.

"The cost of doing business in digital advertising comes down to the Ad Operations team, and a focused, well-oiled Ad Ops team is a true asset."

Dan Neely is founder and CEO of Networked Insights.

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<P>Dan Neely serves as Networked Insights&acute; Chief Executive Officer.&nbsp; Dan brings to Networked Insights over 10 years of entrepreneurial, management, operational and with technology, manufacturing and services...

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