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10 easy things your business can do online

10 easy things your business can do online Adam Franklin
With so many online marketing options available to business managers and marketers, it is easy to get "option overwhelm". However, the 'Top 10' list below takes the hard work out of it for you -- and the good news is they're all easy and free!

  1. Set up a Facebook page. Create a Facebook page for your company to share photos, videos and news with your 'fans' on the world's largest network of friends. These pages give you an opportunity to give your company a human face and we all prefer dealing with real people don't we? Get started here.

  2. Setup a company blog. Share your thoughts and ideas. You can easily demonstrate you are an expert in your field by posting useful, interesting and educational articles on your blog. Get all the staff involved too. Get started here.

  3. Set up a LinkedIn company profile. Be found on the largest online professional network. Your company will be seen my many prospective clients and employees. Staff can set up their individual accounts and build their list of colleagues and contacts too. Register your business on LinkedIn.

  4. List your business on Google Maps. If you search for most products or services, you'll find the first results are local business listings. This is where you want to appear! Get started here.

  5. Submit your website to Google. Why? To ensure Google knows you exist! If the world's largest search engine knows your website, you increase the chances of your potential clients finding you too. Submit your website here.

  6. Start a YouTube channel. Sharing videos has never been easier. Whether you film educational videos, recruitment videos or even client testimonials, you can show people what makes your company different. You can record short videos on your digital camera or handycam and upload straight to YouTube. Create a YouTube channel for your business here.

  7. Use Get Satisfaction for customer service. This great tool allows your clients to ask questions, report problems, sing your praises or suggest new ideas. It also allows employees at your company to respond directly. Great for customer service! Sign up here

  8. Use Survey Pirate to ask your clients what they want. Survey Pirate is the easiest and best free survey tool around. You can set up your own questions and send the survey out as a web link out to your clients. Survey Pirate then collects all the answers and you can download in a simple PDF report! Go to 

  9. Start a Twitter account. This is the micro-blogging sensation that allows people to follow your Tweets (i.e. comments) or you can follow other Twitterers! If you've got a company profile on Twitter make sure that at least 90 percent of your Tweets are useful (e.g. a link to a great article you've read) rather than self-indulgent (e.g. I just came out of a 45 minute meeting). Get started here

  10. Setup Google Alerts. You'll be the first to know when your name (or your clients') pops up in the news. All you have to do is nominate which companies or people you're interested in and Google will alert you when they get a mention in the news, on a blog or anywhere on the web. Set it up here.  

Bluewire Media has tried, tested and uses all of these things. And the good news is they're all FREE! Plus anyone can do it; you don't need to be a developer!

Adam Franklin is co-founder and managing director of Bluewire Media.

Current roles at Bluewire Media include business development and marketing. Digital marketing strategies currently being embraced are email marketing, SEO, article marketing and social media marketing.Since co-founding Bluewire Media with school...

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