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Case study: The Pepsi Creative Challenge 4

The Edelman Shanghai team
Case study: The Pepsi Creative Challenge 4 The Edelman Shanghai team

With the number of Chinese online surpassing the U.S. population -- 338 million people at last CNNIC estimate -- it is no surprise that brands are increasingly looking to the online space to court customers. Pepsi has been highly successful in using interactive campaigns to engage the Chinese consumer. Recent Euromonitor reports show that Pepsi has edged out Coke for leadership of the cola market in China, and the well-known publication BusinessWeek suggests that its distinctive marketing efforts have been large contributors to the brand's success.

Case study: 2009 Pepsi Creative Challenge 4

Duration: August 24 to September 30, 2009


  • The fourth in Pepsi's series of Creative Challenges -- interactive campaigns that engage consumers with the brand through multiple channels

  • An online campaign targeted to reach 30 million netizens in a joint online celebration of China's National Day and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

  • Partnered with Tencent, China's internet giant, to effectively allow Chinese netizens the ability to twitter, blog and IM their birthday wishes to China.


  • People used three of Tencent's highly popular online platforms to submit their wishes to China:

    1. QQ: China's most popular instant messaging service with 78 percent market share

    2. QZone: The world's largest social network, with 183 million users  

    3. Taotao: A popular Chinese micro-blogging platform similar to Twitter

  • Wishes were then aggregated on the campaign microsite, pictured above, where netizens could vote for their favorite wish

  • On top of viewing and voting on wishes, the microsite allowed consumers to access a Creativity Map, displaying the "hottest" words by region using "animated speakers" and a Creativity Meter that ranked their own wish


  • Nearly 34 million entries (33,919,351), over 17 million of which resulted from Pepsi's use of taotao.com for submissions. This represents an increase of nearly 6 million entries from the previous year's "Go China" themed Creative Challenge

  • The site received 22 million unique visitors

  • In total, 11.3 million votes were cast. The winning wish, from Hubei, gained close to 200,000 votes

Edelman Shanghai is the PR agency for the Pepsi Creative Challenge 4. 


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