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Creating cultural disruption on digital's terms

Creating cultural disruption on digital's terms Jodi Harris

iMedia Connection: You will be participating in the iMedia Breakthrough Summit's Cutting Edge Marketing & Innovation Stories session. What do you plan to bring to the table, and why should your fellow marketers tune in?

Renny Gleeson: I'm hoping to talk about PIE [Portland Incubator Experiment], our technology and cultural disruption accelerator. It is an ongoing experiment by Wieden + Kennedy, partnering with the local technology scene (entrepreneurs, developers, coders, etc.) to create an environment for business acceleration and cultural disruption. The results can be in the form of new companies, events, experiences, you name it. 

iMedia: Good point. So what social media channels are you finding most useful, from a marketer's standpoint? Anything you're already so tired of that you're ready for it to go away?

Gleeson: Well, no. There's nothing I wish would go away, other than everybody's overwhelming reliance on Facebook as a platform. I wish the whole operating system landscape would hurry up and shake out, because it's kind of a pain in the a**.  The whole question of which do you use, Facebook or MySpace? At the end of the day consumers are going to use them for what they want to use them for. Just because it makes my job harder, doesn't mean I want either of them to go away. 

iMedia: In a former life, you were a game developer. Are you still a gamer? Have gaming companies fully taken advantage of marketing opportunities, or is this an area (like Facebook, perhaps) where people are there for a purpose and advertising just becomes intrusive and annoying?

Gleeson: Oh, I'm still a gamer. All platforms are wonderful, but I currently use an Xbox 360. I think Xbox 360 is a social platform. And not just because of the Facebook/Twitter integration, though it enables it even more. Another interesting thing is... at one point, people were looking at Xbox as its own social network, separate from Xbox Live. I think the power of it comes when it inter-operates with multiple social networks and it allows you to express [your identity] as a gamer to other individuals. I think everything is becoming a social net. Xbox 360 is one of them; I think [the category of] mobile devices is another one.

iMedia: We did an

Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute. As an independent consultant, Jodi develops strategic content programs and projects for brand, media, and agency clients in the marketing, entertainment,...

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Commenter: Richard Bramwell

2010, February 25

"I'm tired of advertising agencies using clients to self-fund their education. " No kidding!

I have not enough four letter words to decry what my contractors have done. Promises, promises, promises!

They always assured me "they would have it done 'soon". Numerous phone calls revealed they were trying new things, again & again.

Soon it became clear they were learning at my expense. Their duplicity cost me $90~ - $150,000 in lost time, minimum.

I think of them as "confident incompetents."

Commenter: David Wiggs

2010, February 25

"Reducing risk for clients and increasing opportunity"

That's what I'm talking 'bout. Move up the food chain and live closer to what's really going on.

Give to get. Reciprocal relationships build trust.

Well said.

David Wiggs