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Case study -- Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ruben Maislos
Case study -- Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ruben Maislos

Mobile has established itself as a powerful and versatile vehicle for creating an instant, personal connection with consumers. In APAC, there have been rapid advances in the ways in which advertisers can utilise mobile as a marketing tool. Brands are now starting to reach out in novel and arresting ways, engaging the ever more savvy user via a multitude of channels, including a variety of SMS calls-to-action, MMS, audio and video clips, image banners and web links, and ring-back tones.

The campaign team
Pudding Media is partnered with Maxis, a mobile communications service provider in Malaysia with 12 million mobile subscribers. For the Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs campaign, Pudding and Maxis joined forces with creative agency, Carat Interactive.

The client
Fox Filmed Entertainment, one of the world's largest producers and distributors of motion pictures, recently teamed up with Pudding Media and Carat Interactive to enlist the power of mobile SMS advertising to promote the release of the latest movie in the Ice Age film franchise.

This campaign was significant not only for its success in communicating with consumers, but also for having been the first time that a brand in Malaysia exploited SMS missed call notifications as advertising space. The Ice Age campaign, run on Pudding Media's ad network, recently won Carat Interactive a prestigious Kancil Award -- "Best Use of Media: Merit Prize" for the way in which it enabled Fox to rapidly and powerfully create buzz for the upcoming movie in an entirely fresh way. Click here for the complete award details.

The objectives
With the Ice Age3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs mobile campaign, Fox was looking to utilize mobile media channels to:

  • Rapidly reach out to a mass audience and promote awareness for the movie's release 

  • Use the familiar tool of SMS to engage mobile users in a novel way and drive trailer views

  • Connect deeply and directly with mobile users with visually arresting, interactive content

The strategy
Ads were inserted in missed call alert SMS messages sent by Maxis to:

  • Raise curiosity about Ice Age 3 among mobile users by means of eye-catching ads

  • Maximize impact and provide a continually fresh experience by rotating the ads daily

  • Enable users to engage directly with the movie content by viewing the trailer on the mobile website

The campaign
To see the Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ad mechanics, click here.

The results

  • In only 10 days, Pudding Media delivered over 1.2 million impressions to unique users

  • These impressions elicited  11,980 clicks on the web link to view the trailer (1 percent CTR)

  • The response rate was raised to 1.86 percent by a follow up ad

  • About 20,000 mobile users, who were never sent the ads (1.66 percent of the original 1.2 million) responded as a result of a forward from the original recipients

The formula for a successful campaign
Tailor the mobile channel to the marketing goal -- There are numerous ways for brands to use mobile advertising to their advantage, be it SMS click-to-call or click-to-coupon, or a WAP push campaign. Fox was aiming to drive trailer views and create buzz for the movie so they chose an SMS click-to-web ad as the best means of engaging the public with its content. Every marketing goal will be best achieved by a different type of mobile campaign, so brands need to select the mobile advertising channel best suited to their current business objective.

Reach further, faster -- Thinking big is essential for brand recognition and using mobile enables brands to reach the widest possible audience one-on-one, in the shortest space of time. Fox wished to send their content out to a mass audience of movie goers and reached over a million mobile users in the space of 10 days.

Rotate ads and monitor results -- Not only does ad rotation keep a campaign fresh, a well tracked campaign also gives the brand the opportunity to send additional flights of the most highly successful creatives. During the campaign, one particularly effective ad achieved a higher CTR than any other and was then used more frequently. The instant and in-depth measurability of mobile advertising means that brands can optimize the efficiency and ROI of even the briefest campaigns.

Wake up to the mobile web -- While SMS is a familiar form of interaction, as natural as talking for most mobile users in APAC, the mobile web is also gaining ground. The Maxis portal, the biggest destination site for mobile in Malaysia, already receives half a million unique hits per day. Fox used the mobile web for its campaign to great effect, connecting the user to its content instantly.

Ruben Maislos is vice-president of business development at Pudding Media.


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