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How online marketing must change

How online marketing must change Greg Bardsley

Currently working as Assistant Post Coordinator for Ping Pong Productions. I also pick up freelance video editing assignments from time to time. Before going freelance, I worked as the lead video editor for iMedia Connection. During that time, I...

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Commenter: Mike Carney

2010, January 25

Great comments. What I liked the most was that each was different. With Online there are so many solutions available. Online can be the hub of the overall solution or it can be an optimizer or compliment to what is currently in play. The main thing that I believe online marketing providers could improve on is the understanding that we have on how online should fit into each specific advertiser's needs - vs. selling in a silo. Consumers read newspapers, watch TV, listen to radio and use the Internet. Most or all of them are in play with most advertisers - the secret is helping the client determine how they can work together towards common goals and taking care of the online portion for them.