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OPA study sheds light on why environments matter

OPA study sheds light on why environments matter iMedia Editors

Does the location where a consumer sees an ad affect how they will receive the message, or whether they will interact with the unit? And how can brands capitalize on a consumer connection made through its website? A recent study released by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), examined a few variables that affect consumer engagement on portal channels, media sites and social networks.

The study sought to provide some insight into four key issues: 

  • Are different online environments perceived differently by consumers?

  • Do consumer "connections" with content vary by environment?

  • What impact do these connections have on a brand's message?

  • What are the implications for advertised brands when an audience makes an emotional connection to a site?

Key takeaways

  • Positive content perceptions impact how involved consumers are with different online environments. Media sites have greater site involvement and more positive content perceptions than other online environments.

  • Audiences are more likely to have positive brand perceptions of advertisers on sites where they have positive content perceptions. Advertisers on media sites are more likely viewed as reputable, relevant and respected.

  • Quality sites with deeper audience involvement more likely have advertising acted upon. Those responding to ads on a site are overwhelmingly more loyal and emotionally attached to the site

  • Loyalists to media sites, those emotionally connected to media sites, and consumers who believe these sites fit their needs are much more apt to purchase from their advertisers than those who feel similarly about social network or portal channels.

Read the full study and findings here.  
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