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How to stand out on LinkedIn

How to stand out on LinkedIn 2544

I love this business.  It's full of smart, passionate, problem-solving thinkers who strive to be great at what they do and have fun doing it.

But let's face it: Despite the growing pool of evidence that suggests we're slowly exiting one of the toughest media economies on record, it's a pretty uncertain time to be in the advertising and marketing business. The ad trade press is full of headlines telling us that the average tenure for a CMO is a measly 18 months, that marketers are regularly mixing up their agency rosters, and that media sellers are dealing with unprecedented challenges to their business models and cost structures.

Looking for killer talent?
For more help finding the right job in the digital industry, 

Put your network to work
Connect with those colleagues, co-workers, and clients that you know and trust. Busy marketing execs can easily build out their networks and keep them up-to-date by

Let your audience help you craft campaigns
If you're looking to find creative messaging that will resonate with working mothers, do a search for LinkedIn Groups that have similar keywords or terms in the group name and description (like "parent," "moms," etc.). If you cover technology, look for CIO or CTO-related groups you can join. Being involved in groups that viewers of your campaign might join will help you gain insight in regards to the discussions they're having, and what topics interest them the most.

Find experts
LinkedIn Advanced Search helps you easily discover experts. Search by company name, company size, keywords, title, and a number of other facets to find exactly the expert you need. Click on the person's profile and you'll see if anyone in your network knows that person. You can also post a status update to your network asking them, "Do you know any social media experts at companies with more than 1,000 employees? Working on a social media proposal and could use insight from additional resources."


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Commenter: Nick Kizirnis

2010, June 17

Great article, these are really good points. I get a lot out of LinkedIn, and the tips you've covered have really helped me get more exposure and connections. Thanks for the great article!

Nick Kizirnis