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Media Motion: Arnold Worldwide, BLITZ, and Critical Mass

Media Motion: Arnold Worldwide, BLITZ, and Critical Mass iMedia Editors

AlmondNet announced the spin-off of its data division into a standalone company called Datonics.

Arnold Worldwide is pleased to announce that Tim Allen has joined as vice president, creative director.

Banyan Branch announced the launch of its new Social Interactive practice. To lead the new Social Interactive practice group, Banyan Branch appointed Jostin Darlington as director of Social Interactive.

BLITZ announced the appointments of Tamer Kattan as head of strategy, Wilson Yin as senior creative director, and Bobbie Boucher as technology group director. Peter Brine comes on as group account director, along with Amanda Lewis and Anne Butcher as associate creative directors.

Connexity announced the addition of industry veteran Jonathan Slavin as chief revenue officer.

Critical Mass announced that John McLaughlin has been named chief operating officer, while Scott Ross has been appointed senior vice president, executive technology director.

Crossborders has hired Adam Kahn as the new creative director to lead its CB Labs unit.

Digital Influence Group announced the availability of an employee social engagement offering called Digital Influence Group Spark.

Gotham Direct announced the opening of a London office headed by president and co-founder Greg Messerle.

Knotice announced that Elvex Corporation has selected its Knotice's Concentri EmailPlus for its own email marketing.

Marketfish announced partnerships with LeadSpend and impressionwise.

NorBella announced the opening of its new Washington DC office.

Operative Media, Inc. announced the appointment of Dean Jenkins as the new general manager in Australia.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].


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