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Why there's no difference between traditional and digital

Why there's no difference between traditional and digital iMedia Editors

We caught up with Donny Deutsch at the New York Digital Collective, a gathering of senior digital marketers from the world's most prominent organizations.

In this clip, Donny talks about the importance of breaking down the walls between traditional and digital marketing.

"If you're a marketer, blow up the silos of the agency."
- Donny Deutsch

Editor's note: If you get the chance to interview Donny Deutsch, be ready! You might not even have time to adjust the zoom on your camera. Thank you to the always engaging Mr. Deutsch for this insightful (and very spontaneous) interview.

Conversation highlights:

0:00 - Stop dividing traditional and digital
0:30 - Speak to the consumer with one voice
0:45 - Mobile is the world

Run time is 0:53


Donny Deutsch has played host to some of America's most influential entrepreneurs and business titans for the past four years on his CNBC talk show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.”

As Chairman of Deutsch Inc., Donny implemented his “leaner, meaner, faster, smarter” philosophy to transform a small advertising shop into one of the nation’s top 10 agencies. The $2.5 billion full-service agency has provided clients with strategic marketing programs that are intrusive, effective and talked about. Prestigious clients include Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser-Busch InBev, DIRECTV, Kodak, and IKEA.


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