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The dangers of social media

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Bob Garfield is a columnist, critic, essayist, pundit, international lecturer and obscure broadcast personality. He isn’t exactly a media whore, but he’s extremely promiscuous. Garfield’s “Ad Review” is a prominent feature of Advertising Age, where...

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Commenter: adam cowlishaw

2011, December 21

This is awesome, especially seeing how big companies CAN get it wrong. There is a good post about on-line brand reputation management here: http://bit.ly/sIYbh6 which looks how to avoid a social disaster.

Commenter: Rick Parkhill

2011, July 05

Joey and The Garfield - I love it! Hope to see more of these in the lounge soon. Great stuff!

Commenter: Sookie Shuen

2011, June 30

While older values such as trust are just as important as always, newer trends in digital marketing are appearing, allowing small businesses more opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Commenter: Michelle Burnham

2011, June 29

Thanks for keeping it real Joey :)