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How to create quality videos for pennies apiece

Kirk Davis
How to create quality videos for pennies apiece Kirk Davis

Web retailers know that using video to showcase a product results in fewer abandoned carts, reduced returns, and higher sales. However, many don't realize they can use video to inexpensively showcase their entire product inventory.

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Moreover, they can then turn-key product video investments into other media to increase reach. If you sell hundreds or thousands of products, you can execute quality videos for every item you sell at pennies per video. And, the videos can work for you beyond websites.

Here are tips to affordably scale a video marketing program for all of your products.

Tip 1: You don't need to shoot video to make video
 If you have more than one photo for each of your products, you can make video. How? Well, everyone's familiar with "slide shows;" however, many are not familiar with how far these have evolved.

Today's automated video products not only assemble video segments and photos and provide camera transitions and music, but also provide customized messaging and graphics based on product data as well as "TTS" or "concatenated human voiceovers" for custom narration on an SKU basis. Importantly, these videos can be produced automatically through data-feeds or APIs, stitching together assets into videos in a second.

Tip 2: You don't need to edit video to update video
Through APIs, many video suppliers provide real-time video updates. The second a price or image changes within your database, that information changes within your video. That's because this video is rendered "on the fly," rather than pre-produced. This solves issues with changing product data. Now videos are always current without reproduction.

A slightly slower method of creating and updating video is through data feeds. Video can be updated whenever a new feed is sent to the video supplier. Flash videos can be updated quickly, but flat files (.flv, .wmv) still need to be re-produced, which is necessary if you're distributing video to YouTube.

Tip 3: Websites aren't the only destination for product videos
While it's known that video can be pushed through rich media banners, it's not well known that you can push an entire inventory (hundreds) of videos through banners.

Such banners allow consumers to browse products within the banner and click to propagate video without leaving the site they're on.

Tip 4: Syndicating video increases SEO -- this is called VSEO
The top flat-file destination is YouTube because, once posted, Google will display the video in searches within 10 hours. Other services, such as TubeMogul, can automate flat-file syndication to other video destinations. Many methods exist depending on what you want to do.

Tip 5: Mobile video is growing, and will continue to do so
The next syndication step is to make videos mobile. This requires hosting flat files (like 3GP) or having an HTML5 player for "Flash emulation" (for iPhones and iPads). The new Android 2.3 platform will play your videos as they exist now in Flash without flat files.

Display QR codes in advertising to let consumers directly access your mobile videos. Video is perfect for mobile because entire product presentations can be delivered without requiring consumers to "thumb around" information.

Kirk Davis is the EVP of marketing and account servies and a co-founder of Liquidus.

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Commenter: Spencer Broome

2011, May 25

You are right. Videos don't have to be a masterpiece as long as they are represented and distributed in a quality way.