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Media Motion: Operative Media, VivaKi, and TagMan

Media Motion: Operative Media, VivaKi, and TagMan iMedia Editors

Arnold Worldwide is thrilled to announce the addition of EVP, global brand director, George Pace to lead the Dell account.

Clearspring Technologies, Inc. announced that it is now delivering its audiences of influencers and intenders to all major demand-side platforms and the leading ad exchanges.

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DoubleBounce, a digital content company, has been launched by cable and digital media executive and entrepreneur Matt Farber.

East Coast Catalyst, Inc., a digital strategy management consulting firm, has been created by Tim Bourgeois, the firm's chief digital strategist, and David Polcaro, who serves as web architect and creative director.

GSI Commerce Inc. announced the appointments of John Healy as chief executive officer of MBS Insight, and Joe Gagnon as president of e-Dialog.

Isd Inc. announced that George Searle has been named CEO.

Mullen's North Carolina office has been named agency of record for the 24-hour preschool television channel Sprout, and craft manufacturer Provo Craft.

MUNDO Media announced that Marc Porcelli has joined as general manager.

Operative Media announced that it has been recognized by Gartner in its "Cool Vendors in Media, 2011" report.

R/GA announced that Troy Kelley has joined the agency as VP, managing director, client services.

TagMan announced a collaboration with Criteo.

Trendline Interactive welcomes Mike Bloxham as vice president of insights and consulting.

VivaKi hired Michael Wiley as chief social media officer.

Vizu Corporation announced that a 34.4 percent increase in brand lift helped drive an ARF David Ogilvy silver award in the beverages category.

[x+1] has promoted Jessica Beldner from senior manager of sales, Central Region, to director of central sales.

ZEDO, Inc. announced that advertisers can now buy advertising targeted only to users reading newspapers on their iPads with the ZINC Ad Exchange.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].


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