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3 important ways to use your Google+ brand page

Christian Oestlien
3 important ways to use your Google+ brand page Christian Oestlien

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Christian Oestlien spoke with us about the key features brands should take advantage of on their new Google+ brand pages. He also told us what's coming next in +1 search integration, mobile functionality, and adwords. (See below for Christian's mainstage presentation from last week's ad:tech.)

Christia Oestlien is responsible for Google's social advertising efforts. His team is focused on building out solutions that will empower businesses and advertisers to engage with Google users in new and innovative ways through social.

Interview timeline

0:00 - How should companies be using the brand pages?
0:25 - Direct connect and +1 search
1:00 - Intel's innovative use of circles
1:40 - How brands can use hangouts
2:10 - How brands can use circles, badges, adwords, the +1 button
3:00 - +1 button integration boosting search click throughs
3:45 - Mobile devices
4:30 - Key message for brands
5:15 - What's coming next?

Run time is 5:46


Here is Christian's presentation from ad:tech.


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